Solution for high temperature demagnetization of ndfeb

Solution for high temperature demagnetization of ndfeb

Friends who have some knowledge of magnets know that nd-fe-boron magnets are generally recognized as high performance and cost-effective magnet products in the magnetic material industry at present. Many high-tech fields have designated it to make various parts, such as national defense military, electronic technology, medical equipment, electrical appliances and other fields are involved.More and more problems can be found, among which the demagnetization of ndfeb powerful magnets in high temperature environment has attracted much attention.

Why does ndfeb degenerate at high temperature?
Ndfeb degaussing at high temperature is determined by its physical structure.The magnetic field can be generated by the magnet, because the electrons carried by the material rotate around the atom in a certain direction, which generates a certain magnetic force, and then has an impact on the related affairs around.But electrons around the atoms in accordance with the established direction also has a certain temperature conditions, different magnetic material can withstand temperature is different, in the case of too high temperature, the electronic will deviate from the original track, chaotic phenomenon, magnetic material at this time the local magnetic field will be upset, and demagnetization.
However, the temperature resistance of ndfeb magnets is probably around baidu, that is, more than baidu will appear demagnetization phenomenon, if the temperature is higher, the demagnetization phenomenon is more serious.

Several effective solutions to high temperature demagnetization of ndfeb magnets are presented

First, do not put the ndfeb magnet product in too high temperature, especially pay attention to its critical temperature, namely baidu, timely adjust its working environment temperature, so as to minimize the occurrence of demagnetization.

The second is to improve the performance of the products using ndfeb magnets from the technical point of view, so that they can have a more temperature structure and are not easily affected by the environment.

Third, you can choose high-coercive force materials with the same magnetic energy accumulation. If not, you have to sacrifice a little magnetic energy accumulation, and find materials with lower magnetic energy accumulation and higher coercive force, but no more, you can choose samarium cobalt; for reversible demagnetization, only samarium cobalt is available.